The Bureau of Chinese Medicine is coming to you - the "Bureau Club" project is underway!

We have established branches of the Bureau of Support, Strengthening,

Guidance and Inspiration for you throughout the country

The way you go business and privately as Chinese medicine practitioners.

The best therapists have volunteered for this wonderful project ,

An open door and with amazing giving and we thank them for that.

Support groups have been set up by regions to make your support accessible,

But it is not binding and you are welcome to join other groups as well.

The groups will hold a group correspondence forum - by email or mobile.

The groups will hold meetings once a month.

Exchanging information and getting support, ideas and inspiration

In any matter related to the business and your personal development in the field.

We are here to listen to you, learn your needs, accompany, support, inspire

And accessible to you as far as your area of ​​residence,

Training and advanced training of your choice, at equal prices,

especially for members of the bureau.

* This is not about business accompaniment or mentoring

but about support and inspiration groups.

The following is a list of branches:

North - Tom Refaeli 054-5592511

Haifa - Tom Rotenberg 0506818590

Pardes Hanna-Karkur - Adiel Adar 052-5690640

Hasharon - Shahar Keren 054-3088376

The center - Orit Menashe 0507211570

Humiliation - Ofir Segev Freeman 0522248245

Jerusalem - Shirley Dayan 0544702014

The South - Orit Cohen Krushevsky 0544772671

Northern Negev - Ben Zion Sheklar 0526193600

We all wish us success and mutual fertilization.

To move to courses and workshops within the framework of the Bureau Club:

Pulse diagnosis according to

Lee Shai Zen - Eyal Mitzri-Doron

Exploring Qi & Magnets

Yaron Fink

Heavenly Moxa - Raz Sharabi